Food photography, one of my biggest passion that turned into my fulltime work. In the summer 2021 I started to hear a lot about a members club, where I could learn a lot about food photography. Of course I wanted to join, so when I participated with a free webinar given by the founder Lucia Marecak, I was given the possibility to join the members club!

I was so happy to come into a new world, where Food Photography is so well explained. The club contains so many masterclasses that keeps you on your feet, that motivates you to become a better photographer. And Lucia has a way to explain everything in such an easy way to understand it. She creates so many different courses and masterclasses every month. There is a forum where you can ask all your questions and the amazing community behind it helps you with those questions!

Every month she organises different calls: networking calls or with inspiring photographers and more! I highly recommend Lucia’s members club. She really has taught me so much and I grew a lot the last year! Lucia’s creativity is highly contagious, she motivates your creativity in a way that is scratches your brain and make you want to pick up your camera and take the pictures you exactly have in your mind!

It’s fun, interactive, there is always something new to learn and you will always be surprised with Lucia!

Are you interested to join the club? that is possible, just follow the link! There are so many possibilities in Food Photography, and every day new things to learn, friends!

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