About Delipics and its backdrops

Delipics is all about backdrops that take your photography up a notch. We try to find many different surfaces and add them regularly to the webshop. Our goal is to provide you with every surface we can find, and that there are many for everybody’s taste.

We are a small company based in Murcia, where we also print locally and most surfaces are captured by Tatiana, from @casadelavida.nl. We specialize in natural surfaces but in the future, more backdrops from different materials will be added.

What material are your backdrops made of? And which size are they?

Our backdrops are printed on lay flat, high-quality vinyl, they are professional backdrops and water proof. They are 67.5 x 90 cm, but in the future, we will offer bigger sizes.

Are colors on the screen the same in real life?

Colors may differ from the actual print due to differences in screen resolution, or as you can see per picture with the post-editing process. We strive to give you the best resolution backdrops we can, but due to screen resolution, each screen is calibrated a different way and colors may differ upon arrival.

When editing the backdrop we make sure they are edited in a way that the colors are printed in the highest quality as possible.

Can I sell my own backdrops in your shop?

As much as we like collaborating with creatives of the world, we have decided to keep collaborating like this with the Members of the membersclub, and Lucia Marecak.

How to take care of and keep the backdrops?

You can hang them with clamps on a wooden plank as a background. Roll them out before using them so they will flatten. You can keep them rolled up in their original tube. or lay them flat between two wooden planks. Do not keep them in the sun, as sunlight affects colors.

They are waterproof. Do not cut on the backdrop, put hot pots or pans on it, burn it, or scratch it. The backdrops can be used for a long time, but just be very careful with them, some spices like paprika powder and turmeric powder can stain them, as can red wine, other kinds of liquids. This is very normal, so make sure to be very careful when using them. It’s up to your care how long the backdrops last.

How to clean the backdrops?

You can use water and a soft cloth of textiles, but also the soft side of a yellow sponge. Water should be sufficient but to remove stains, but green soap is the best, just do not apply lots of force when cleaning the surfaces. Always clean the backdrops after use, so they don’t stain.

Backdrops VS downloadables

There are two categories, Backdrops and Downloadables, if you want to buy the file to print the backdrops in your local printshop, please buy the downloadable version. But do you want to buy the printed version? Please buy the backdrop files.

Downloadables and more

Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell or give away the file you have purchased to third parties.

At what size should I print a downloadable backdrop?

Our downloadable backdrop files are made to be printed at 67 x 90cm. You can print them at a smaller size without problems, but if you print them at larger sizes, you might start seeing pixels and artifacts and we won’t be able to guarantee the print quality.

What backdrop to use in my pictures?

It’s all about the idea and effect you want to give in your pictures. We use real natural surfaces and texture to give our backdrops a real feeling, you can choose from stone surfaces to tiles, to wooden doors. With those surfaces you can mimic old walls in your pictures, or even tiled coffee places.

Can I save some products to view later?

If you’ve found some backdrops you like but you don’t want to buy just yet, you can add them to your wishlist using the ‘add to wishlist’ button. You can access your wishlist from your account page to see all the beautiful things you’ve saved for later.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most European countries, and to some countries outside of Europe. If the checkout page does not calculate a shipping charge for your country, we do not ship to your country at present. However, if you contact us, we’ll see if there’s anything we can do for you.

What are Lucia Marecak and membersclub handpainted backdrops?

We are collaborating with Lucia Maracak and her Membersclub. We love doing collaborations and decided with the members to see their beautiful handpainted surfaces printed on vinyl backdrops. That is why the backdrops are a bit more expensive, as costs were made to create those backdrops. Every backdrop is photographed and edited and sent to us where we do a quality check and a few pictures with them to ensure we provide our clients, you, with the best and most professional backdrops.

What is the difference between handpainted backdrops and natural surfaces?

All our backdrops are printed on vinyl, natural surfaces are captured by Tatiana on her trips, walks with the dogs or even city trips. Tatiana loves to hunt for backdrops hidden in cities, and really has a nose to find them! Some of her favorite backdrops are captured in her backyard, but also in cities like Amsterdam, Marbella and even in Italy.

The handpainted ones are created by Lucia, the members of the members club, and or by Tatiana. They are crafted and painted on wood, then they are photographed, edited and printed on vinyl. We strive on offering as many different backdrops and backgrounds as possible.

How long will the shipping take after I placed my order?

All our backdrops are being printed locally and to make sure we do not end up with printed backdrops that become old, we prefer to print and check the quality of every backdrop ourselves. Once you have placed your order, we will place the order with the print shop. It might take up to 4 days to get the order printed and ready to be shipped and depending on where you are located, the order might be shipped in 2 to 7 days. You will be notified of every step of the process, and be provided with a shipping track and trace number once we shipped it.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

We strive for our backdrops to arrive in perfect condition, this is why we pack them in carton tubes that protect them. But sometimes due to transport, the tube can get damaged. If you notice this upon arrival, please contact us right away with images of the unopened cardboard tube. Or refuse the package. We. do our best for your backdrops to arrive in a perfect state, but it’s not always in our hands!

Can I combine discounts?

No, only with some exceptions but you cannot accumulate discounts.

Sponsoring giveaways and more.

We love to collaborate with creatives from all over the world and would you like for us to sponsor an Instagram giveaway or a challenge? Please send a message and we will get back to you.

What discounts are always in your shop?

We decided to give the opportunity to everybody to have as many backdrops as they can in their studio, and there will be for this a recurrent discount in the shop, 3 backdrops for 100 euros and 6 backdrops for 200 euros.

Outlet and more.

Sometimes some backdrop comes out in another way than intended, so we decided to create the outlet and still give a backdrop a home. They all have some tiny mistakes, a bit of a reflection, or have been used by Tatiana to create some demos. As those items are already discounted, we cannot combine multiple discount codes.

Can I return my order if not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied, something that can happen, you can return the backdrops, send us an email and we will be in contact about this matter. You can return your order within 30 days of receiving it. We will refund the money once we verify that it is in perfect condition and has not been used. You can read our return policy for more information.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order has been placed, it’s being taken into consideration, your order can only be canceled in 24 hours. And after 24 hours, send us an email to speak about a cancelation.

Did you use our backdrops in your picture?

Please share it with us on Instagram, tag us @Delipicsbackdrops and use the #delipicsbackdrops in your caption. We are excited to see your creations!