About Deli Pics

Hello there, and welcome to our webshop! I’m Tatiana, a food photographer, and an avid Instagrammer; my handle on Instagram is @casadelavida.nl

My love for backdrops started when I began capturing surfaces around me a year ago. So I made it my 2022 project to open a webshop selling unique backdrops for fellow food photographers.

I love capturing unique surfaces and seeing so many potential backdrops around me in Murcia, it seemed the right thing to start printing them!

My idea is to make my backdrops available for everybody, printed or digital! They are from a vinyl material, lay-flat, you can store them rolled, hanging, or flat between wooden or carton plates. They are waterproof; you can smear cake and splash around, but be careful not to scratch them or put hot plates or food on them! The same for some strong spices like tumeric and paprika powder, they can stain the backdrops!It’s your care that will make the backdrops last for years.

All is possible here at DeliPics, from tiles to walls, to hand-painted surfaces. But do you have a backdrop/surface request, a question, or an idea? Do you want to do a giveaway or collaboration? Let me know by sending me a message!

We would love to see your creations, so remember to use our hashtag #delipicsbackdrops and tag us in your post!

Happy shopping, friends!


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